Acme of Athletic Heroism

27 05 2011

This one I hardly can take lightly. Mayor of Riga city Nils Ušakovs almost repeated heroic deed of ancient Greek soldier Pheidippides (530 BC–490 BC), who according to legend  ran 40 km from Marathon to Athens in order to announce victory over Persia and then collapsed and died on the spot from exhaustion.

This occurred during Nordea Riga Marathon event last week. Mayor started in half marathon distance (21 km), which he already accomplished last year, but collapsed during the course and was delivered to hospital.

According to reports, N.Ušakovs fully exhausted and suffered serious dehydratation. This caused life threatening damages, inter alia to liver and kidneys.

Not necessarily myself being his political supporter, it is hard to underestimate his sacrifice. This was not a political event or campaign – you do not expect politicians make marathons for that. In my opinion, it was his participation for sake of Riga’s inhabitants and guests in order to promote Nordea Riga Marathon event and healthy living, after all. For such high price, this time.

This really was acme of athletic heroism, as famous mile runner Roger Bannister once regarded marathon distance itself.

Reportedly, cost of medical expenses for recovery could exceed couple hundred thousand euros, which is not any small change for anyone here.

This is the first time, since Latvian independence at least, when politician essentially put his life on the line for best interests of people.

Since couple days there is possibility to donate money for his rehabilitation, transferring money to following accounts:

Latvian lats: LV68 UBAL 1100 E243 6100 1

UK pounds: LV84 UBAL 1100 E243 6100 4,

Euro: LV19 UBAL 1100 E243 6101 0,

US dollars: LV41 UBAL 1100 E243 6100 2.

Beneficiary:  Ludmila Ušakova (personal identity Nr.090946-12711).

This was the first time I donated money to politician. I believe this time it is really worth it. So maybe you would wish help, too.





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